Hey, guys. Thursday…

wineglass Hey, guys. Thursday morning at David's, and while he's at the dentist, I'm playing with the camera. I forgot the battery charger for it -- oops! So, while I did cleverly bring the spare battery, it's going to have to last me the rest of the trip, as the one I have in there is almost done. I'd like to save some battery power for taking pictures of Nalo at her reading Saturday (and possibly for brunch with us, if she turns out to be available), so I'm going to be a bit sparing of it until then. Although I do also want to take some shots of Berkeley, just as reference points for stories I may set there (the one I'm working on now, "Savitha", is set in Berkeley, which is convenient, since I plan to spend the afternoon working there). This is one of the photos Arthur took at dinner the other night, over fessenjan (isn't that a cool word? I love the sound of that word...). I should have made him take more photos. He's better at it than I am. But here's one of him, that isn't too terrible. (In case you don't remember, Arthur is a friend of mine (very good friend of Jed's), whom I dated for a while a few years ago -- until Arthur dumped me for Pam. I can't complain too much, since he and Pam seem remarkably happy together. :-) No picture of her, 'cause she had a book group meeting Monday night, and thus wasn't available for dinner. Maybe next time -- she's quite photogenic.)


One of the things I like about Jed is that I really like almost all of his friends. It's yet another thing that makes me a bit mopey about leaving the Bay Area, to be honest -- that I don't get to know all his friends a lot better. They tend to be interesting, smart, funny, etc. people. They make me feel smarter when I'm around them. Ideas flutter around like hyperactive butterflies. I'm sure they're not like this all the time, but enough. And they're not afraid to be silly. I love that.

Mad scientist's dazed subject.

Giggly Jedi knights.


Jedediah, in a characteristic pose.

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