Hey, munchkins. Sorry…

Hey, munchkins. Sorry for the rant yesterday; just got a button pushed, I guess. I'm feeling a lot better today. A nice big dose of Jed-time should help me maintain my sanity for a while. And I'll be seeing Kevin in less than a month now, so that's also good. Lots of California sunshine and warm weather also help lots.

Brief update (because David's keys are a bit annoying to type with -- too hard to push down; tough on my fingers). Spent Sunday afternoon at some computer expo thing with Jed, Kam and Tamara (friends of his) -- fun geek stuff. Cool toys. Dinner at Il Fornaio with Kam, and then back to his place to work for a bit, then bed. Monday, he dropped me on University Ave. in Palo Alto and I wandered about. Wrote about a third of "Savitha" (much more fleshed-out version) at a Starbucks, then puttered up and down the street, visiting various stores, stopping at a Borders to pick up another Jonathan Carroll book, etc. Met Arthur for dinner; we went for Afghan food. I'm very fond of fessenjan, a dish of chicken cooked in pomegranate sauce, though I think this place overcooked the chicken a bit, and the rice was too dry. Good sauce, though. Back to Jed's to hang out. Tuesday, stayed at Jed's, read many issues of the comic Finder, which is great! Did some online work. No writing. :-( Did dishes, 'cause I am a good houseguest. :-) Went out with him for Ethiopian food, shiro and yebeg tibs. Mmmm... Must have more Ethiopian food. Slept like a log last night. This morning, he dropped me at Caltrain on his way to work. Took the train up. Met David in San Francisco. Stopped at grocery store; will cook tonight. And now David's reading Nalo's book ('cause she's in town doing readings), and I'm talking to you. And that's all. :-)

I'm feeling much happier. Oh -- there's a new issue of SH up. Stableford interview, desert story, Wilson review. Enjoy!

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