Morning, guys. I’m a…

Morning, guys. I'm a little cranky because we're out of milk and so I can't have my tea without getting dressed first (and going next door to Cucina and getting milk -- it's not like this is really such an arduous task I'm contemplating, so you needn't feel actually sorry for me). I'll get over it. I have about two hours to work before I go off to have brunch with a job candidate; the department's paying for it, which is always nice. I do like these little perks. :-) Of course, it'd be nice if they actually paid me decently...or at least as much as the math grad students make. But that's a foolish, foolish dream, and I will leave it behind me.

I'm feeling a little punchy.

Speaking of pay -- it's weird having an agent. She's in negotiations with Melcher now, and while I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to go into specifics, I will say that it's very interesting having her call me up and give me reports on how the day's discussion went. This should all be nailed down within a week, I think. I'm fairly sure at this point that the book will happen. Fingers crossed. Interestingly, I finally got around to telling her about that best internet erotica anthology idea, and she thinks it's exciting. She wants me to send it to her, so that she can send it around to other publishers. Who says I should only work with Crown? This is a good point, so I'll send it to her next week. (It's long, so I'm going to print it out cheaply on campus. Does that make me a bad grad student? Nah....)

Spent yesterday catching up on some of my outstanding projects, mostly little things that needed to be gotten out of the way. Karina stood over me and cracked the whip. Not really, but at one point she did drag me physically off the couch, pledging that she would do the damn Hayden interview questions if necessary, if I would at least come and supervise. Once she got me in front of the computer, I did do them. They weren't as bad as I'd feared -- it's weird how you develop an unreasoning dread of certain tasks, that just increases the longer you put them off. David, you have Karina to thank for my not putting them off any further.

My desk is astonishingly clean. This pleases me.

A fair bit of homework to do this morning, which I should get to. Work until brunch, brunch, work after brunch, then at 4:30 go over to Carol's and get weird monster makeup slathered over our faces. She works with this guy who sells monster makeup; they need models, and Karina and I have volunteered. If the photos come out okay, they'll go on their website, and if I'm feeling nice, I might even tell you where it is. Karina's going to be a delicate lovely vampire maiden; I'm going to be something gross, probably with brains spilling out of my forehead. Should be fun.

Later, my dears.

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