New Year’s Day Last…

New Year's Day

Last night turned out much more pleasantly than I expected. I was still too sick to go party-hunting, so I curled up with a book and read until about 11. I wasn't planning on staying up 'til midnight -- there was no one here to kiss, Kevin was still on the road heading home and I assumed Jed would be out at a party somewhere. And while I usually enjoy New Year's parties when I go to them, it's never been a holiday I got sentimental about. I think I'm just too aware of the arbitrariness of calling today the first day of a new year.

And yet...when I logged on for a last e-mail check and found a note from Jed saying that he was home, and that I could call if I were up -- I was pleased. I called him up and climbed into bed, and we chatted for a while. And then at 11:45, call waiting beeped. I clicked over, and it was Kevin calling to let me know that he'd just gotten home. So I told him I'd call him back, and then I talked to Jed until midnight, kissed him, said goodnight, and then called up Kevin and kissed him too. Silly, yes. And the date is arbitrary. But nonetheless...a nice way to start the year.

I did stay up a little later than I probably should have, and when I woke up around 8 and came out to the living room, I sat down on the couch -- and then ended up lying down, pulling a throw over me, and falling fast asleep for another three hours. As a result, I feel a bit off today, in addition to the lingering sickness; I know lots of people don't get up until noon, but it always makes me feel unsettled. I enjoy living through morning, afternoon, and evening, in that order. :-)

I should be making resolutions, shouldn't I? There's not so much I'd want to change, though -- so here are my resolutions, such as they are:

  • take better care of my body (I neglect it in a variety of ways, I'm afraid)
  • keep trying to sort out those messy finances, rather than avoiding thinking about them
Umm....that's about it, actually. I'm not sure I've ever had a New Year when there was less I wanted to change about my life. That's pretty cool.

Well, sorry for the rather dull New Year's entry. Why don't you stop by Strange Horizons instead? We just updated with a wonderful story by Ursula Pflug (I tried to buy her "Sewing Forgetfulness" for Maiden Voyage, eventually bought it for Clean Sheets, and am very pleased to be buying another surreal story from her now), an interview I did with Pamela Dean (poly fantasy author, very charming!), a poem, a review, and a rather long editorial I did on how to start a magazine. I wrote it in a mad doped-up Day-quil-induced rush yesterday, and I make no claims regarding its truth or usefulness, but you might at least find it amusing. I think I used up all my writing ability for the week on it, though, so I'd best go back to reading through all of my Mercedes Lackey novels. She wrote a lot of them, y'know?

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