Hey, munchkins. Oooh……

Hey, munchkins. Oooh... I'm groggy today. Heat on too high last night. Slept poorly and feel icky. I should be okay in a little bit, though.

I did not, of course, get everything done yesterday. I didn't even get most of everything done yesterday. My sole consolation is that I should be able to get most of it done this morning; hopefully leaving me time to pick up the last of my Christmas presents around lunchtime and then work on my paper at Borders all afternoon. The plan is to have a full draft done by the end of today. Hah. Hah. Hah.

I think I must be a little sick; I fell asleep on the couch around 4:30 yesterday and woke up again at 6:20. I don't really feel ill, but I do feel...I dunno. Weird. My body feels weird. I wish it would stop that -- or at least hold off until Monday.

On the plus side, Kevin sent me flowers. :-) They were supposed to arrive Tuesday, apparently, but due to doofiness on the part of the flower people, they arrived yesterday. Ah well. I'm glad to have them at all. Lilies and these little red berry things that hang down and a tall artistic twiggy thing that stretches up -- pretty. :-)

He didn't send these to me of his own initiative, of course. That would be shocking. Kev is excellent with presents, including spontaneous ones, and occasionally extravagant ones (like plane tickets and computers), but flowers, no. For almost eight years he held out entirely against flowers, and it is only in the last year that he has given in on the subject and allowed that it might not do any actual harm to take this commercial symbol of affection (which we are manipulated into valuing by our cultural influences) and actually use it for our own wicked pleasure. (Yes, this is the kind of argument we have). But he still doesn't think of them himself. So the last year, he's given me flowers three times:

  • firstly: orange mums -- because I was very sick, and Karina convinced him that they would make me feel better
  • secondly: yellow daffodils -- because we were buying groceries at the foofy produce store (the one that stocks clotted cream and fresh mozzarella) and I asked for some
  • thirdly: pink and white lilies -- because we had a silly argument a week ago about whether or not it was okay for him to laugh at me when I said goofy mushy things (like the fact that I miss him when I go to the grocery store alone now), and we were both very tired from grading all night, so I got weepy and he got quiet, and though we sorted it out eventually, it was exhausting. So I asked him to send me flowers. and he did.
And while I might, in theory, still think it would be cool if he would spontaneously decide to give me flowers, I can live with the fact that it just doesn't tend to occur to him. My previous boyfriend, Paul, had similar problems with flowers. It was actually the cause of a few bitter fights between us, until his friend, James, gave him a formula that made it all better. (The kind of geeks I tend to date like formulas. :-) James said that to keep a woman happy, you should give her flowers on her birthday, your anniversary, Valentine's Day, and two other random times during the year. If you do that every year, your flower-giving obligations are handled. This seemed a good theory, and made Paul happy. Then he started bringing me flowers when he knew I was going to be mad at him; to sort of calm me down in advance. That didn't work so well. Always the same flowers, too -- a dozen red roses. I like roses, but a dozen red roses make me a little cranky sometimes now.

Jordan was pretty good with the flowers -- fancy, elaborate things, generally served with candlelit dinners. But that was just Jordan -- he also took me to a rose garden. Romance was his strong point. Long-term relationships, less so at the time, though I'm happy to say that he's happily married now. Alex probably did best of the old boyfriends on the flowers front -- carnations, which both of us liked, frequently, spontaneously, with affection. That's really the ideal -- better than having to ask for them, or needing a formula.

But really, I just like flowers. :-)

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