Well, it’s catch-up day…

Well, it's catch-up day back at the old ranch. There's a passel of grading to be done, some errands to be run, little dogies to herd...

Before I go on to my usual blathering, I just have to send a quick thank you to Jim for the gorgeous scarf. I was bad; I opened my Christmas present early. And I'm glad I did -- now I can wear it home over the holidays! :-)

Yesterday -- what did I do yesterday? Last classes, the afternoon disappeared; dinner with Jenn and David and then I went over to Jenn's to work for a while. That's right. I got a small chunk of the post-co paper done, which was good. I have a lot more to do, which is bad.

And I'm having a hard time motivating this morning. I just want to hang out on-line. Instead, I'm going to finish this entry, get some tea, finish my grading for the semester, get dressed, go into campus for a fellowship seminar, hand in grades, take out money, do various scheduling things for ICFA, come home, clear my desk, pay my bills, meet a friend for coffee at 6. After all that's done, then I get to check e-mail again.


But I *am* going to go get my tea now. That's a start, isn't it?

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