I did manage to finish…

I did manage to finish the grading, and I did sleep a few hours. That has left me mostly useless for the rest of today, but that's okay; I'm in a good mood regardless. Mostly 'cause I did get done what I needed to get done; that's satisfying. A little 'cause Kev did something sweet to make me feel better. Awww. :-)

What's bugging me most at the moment is the evil pit that is my kitchen. I really want to clean it, but I'm also really tired. I want to make tea, which would make me less tired, but I'm scared to go into the kitchen. It's a terrible bind. Clearly, one of you will have to volunteer to come over and clean it up and rescue me from my scary kitchen. And don't worry -- if there are too many volunteers, my scary bedroom closet could also use some help. I had to dash in there briefly this morning to find black tights, and I was afraid I wouldn't get out again. (There's a vast pile of clean clothes on the floor, waiting pitifully to be put away, and I was so tired that I just wanted to curl up in them and go to sleep -- to hell with the grading and the students too. That's how the poppies got Dorothy, you know...)

Okay, I'm now leaning my head against the windowsill because I'm too tired to keep it up. Since I have a student coming in fifteen minutes, and then a class at 6, I think I'm going to have to force my way into the kitchen for a commando tea raid. If you don't hear from me by Monday, send in the troops.

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