[yawn] Good…

[yawn] Good morning.

Well, I didn't accomplish quite everything I wanted to yesterday, but I did get most of it done. The erotica class crits are done -- I just need to post their next assignment this morning. I'm packed and ready to go to Seattle (did I tell you why I was going? My college roommate, Kirsten, just moved there and I'm going out to introduce her to some friends of mine and show her my favorite Clarion-spots). I read half of the post-co stuff; the rest can wait. I didn't grade the quizzes, so they'll have to wait 'til Monday (I need to be careful, or I'll leave a ton of stuff to get done Monday afternoon, which is a bad plan). I didn't work anymore on Riddhi's story, but I think that'll happen Friday while Kirstie is at work. Oh, speaking of that -- thanks for the comments on yesterday's stream of consciousness experiment. I was working off of Joyce's Ulysses, specifically the Penelope chapter -- if you follow the link you'll find it; you may want to skip down to the bottom -- the last 300 words or so are just gorgeous. I know I'm not Joyce, but I do want to know why it is that what he did there works so well and what I did didn't. I'm not sure, though I do think that it doesn't work as well. Opinions?

Though I'm a bit tired (stayed up a few hours too late talking to Jed), I'm feeling cautiously pleased with my work this week. I'm mostly caught up, I'm going to see Kirstie and Seattle, I will hopefully be hooking up with some old friends while I'm there, there's a gorgeous sunrise outside my window, the trees are changing to their golden dresses and my tea is hot and strong. All's right with the world, or if not entirely, enough so. :-)

I may not check in much over the next few days. If I don't, have a good weekend, my dears. If you're in autumn country, take a half hour and walk under the trees. Shuffle through some leaves. Fall down and get some leaves in your hair. If you can find someone to fall down with, even better.

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