Slept 12 hours; feel…

Slept 12 hours; feel much better. Knitting the ravelled sleeve of care and all that. Still sniffly and coughy but feeling able to deal with the world again. And if I work steadily today, I might even be caught up by tonight -- which is good, 'cause I'm leaving town tomorrow for Seattle.

Here's a question for you -- about how much of this kind of writing do you think you could stand to read?

Seven p.m. and stewardesses look lovely in their pink saris pink is the navy blue of India I look terrible in pink we are about to land Raji is still asleep drooling out of the corner of her mouth looking as much an idiot as she did when I was seven and she was nine she took off her dress so she wouldn't ruin it climbing the oak behind the garage when she fell and broke her arm I screamed for Amma and Amma and the neighbor lady Mrs. Stoneley came Raji was in just her underpants small naked breasts already with a bloody arm Amma was mortified but Raji never understood I wish she hadn't come why didn't she'd stay at home and start school on time it's her junior year and if she wants any chance at being a doctor she has to take biology now not later but she won't of course she couldn't care less that she's breaking their hearts I don't know what she thinks she's doing here where is my hairbrush dammit it's in here somewhere powder lipstick photo of Him toothbrush Cosmo I guess no Cosmo in Sri Lanka maybe there is it's the twentieth century it's 1981 how uncivilized can it be there's the hairbrush mmm Amma used to brush our hair at night every night knelt in front of her and she gathered it in her hands and brushed out all the tangles she told us not to cry it didn't hurt that badly don't act like babies she'd braid it tightly so that in the morning while she slept we could just brush it quickly once and go to school like that I hope He likes long hair landing now hold tight thanks Appa I'm fine I've got the bags don't worry oh he hasn't smiled like that in so long there He is at the gate with his parents they look so old so much older than Amma and Appa smile Hello what an accent but that's to be expected at least he speaks English Appa said he did but who could be sure maybe the parents lied I hear there's a lot of lying in this sort of thing he's very good-looking though

Could I write a whole story like this? Would it drive you crazy? Would it depend on how long a story? Opinions eagerly awaited...

Oh, and another question. I'm looking for information on East Asian and South Asian authors who write science fiction or fantasy. If you can send me any names/titles, that would be muchly appreciated. I'll put together a booklist when I'm done with my research...

Back to the mines, I'm afraid. Talk to you later!

Noon. -- followup question re: the above. If I put in punctuation but remained stream of consciousness, would that help? Would that be enough? Or should I just give it up and go back to first or third person?

5:20 p.m. Why are people so mean? Someone just went out of their way to slam Aqua Erotica in Amazon, and I just don't get it. They've been misleading about the content, and they were totally inaccurate about the ratio of sex to story -- if anything, I think the book is weighted a little more heavily towards story than necessary, and probably more than any other erotica collection I've read. Ugh. I'm sorry -- it's just pissed me off. There can't be that many disgruntled writers out there, can there? And if there are, don't they realize that if this book succeeds, it'll just making it easier for other erotica anthologies to happen, giving them more opportunities to be published? [bangs head against wall]

It doesn't help that the ranking is currently around 4000, as opposed to around 400 yesterday. I know Amazon rankings are kind of random, but it's still distressing. Until Crown makes its decision on the erotica anthologies, I've been hoping that AE will keep selling well on Amazon, because that will surely influence them in favor. Argh.

I'm sorry...I'm exhausted. Despite all my sleeping, I'm clearly still ill, and I can't stop working yet; too much left to do. One more class crit to write, an assignment to give. My dining room and bedroom to clean. Reading for post-co. Quizzes to grade. Laundry and packing. A little of this can wait 'til morning, but not much. I ordered dinner delivered, which was probably more than I should have spent, but I just couldn't face a can of potato, cheese and bacon soup (which Susan bought several months ago), which is about all there is to eat in the house. I had my last egg for lunch.

Want a hug.

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