Hey, guys. Slow kind of…

Hey, guys. Slow kind of day. It's 11:30, and I've only just finished my morning stuff and am settling down to the main projects of the day: sending out CS/SH checks and contracts, some of which are late, redoing the CS book proposal and hopefully talking to Bob about it, reading the latest batch of subs to SH. I'm actually hoping to be done with this stuff by 3 or 4, which is perhaps overly optimistic; if I can manage it, then I'll walk downtown and do a little baby shower/birthday shopping, and then hang out at Borders for a while. Might start revising "Challah", may just read. I know I said I'd start the grading today, but I think it's being pushed to tomorrow. Big surprise.

So I may check in later, but right now I'm feeling anxious about being behind, so possibly not.

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