What a marvelous day. …

What a marvelous day. First, I wake up to overcast sky -- it's starting to feel like autumn. I read mail and news and journals while drinking tea. I get dressed and pack my bag for classes, head out. Stop at Cucina to get a raisin roll. Munch half of that on my way into campus.

Both classes were fun and a breeze today -- I led discussions on the ethics of biotechology, in preparation for their next paper. Not only do I get to make them watch Gattaca and Star Trek: Space Seed for Tuesday's discussion, but I managed to work in discussion of Nancy Kress's Beggars in Spain, and an excerpt from Huxley's Brave New World. A blast, especially going back and forth playing devil's advocate every time one of them tried to take a firm stand.

Then munch the other half of my danish while walking up to my post-colonial class. Solid discussion of gender/sexuality in A Passage to India. Learned that Forster was actually gay. Felt slightly ignorant since everyone else seemed to know that already, but s'okay.

A classmate stopped me after class to tell me that she really liked the story I submitted for next week! Woohoo! Feeling much less anxious about it now -- it can't be all bad if she liked it enough to stop me and tell me so.

Then a discussion with visiting author Judith Grossman, author of How Aliens Think. Excellent. It's really a trip reading a book for class, discussing it thoroughly, and then getting to quiz the author on whether we got it right. :-)

Finally, ran into Susan and caught up with her while walking home through what started as merely overcast, moved into drizzling, and starting pouring rain just as I reached my door. Came upstairs, checked mail, watched lightning, and now I'm going to go curl up with the rest of Said until dinnertime, eat dinner, and then go play recorder with my SCA friends.

There are days when grad school is just fabulous, y'know? The way it was meant to be. :-)

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