Hey, munchkins. Having…

Hey, munchkins. Having a good week? Mine has been nicely relaxed; I'm being productive, but in a remarkably unstressed and steady way. I think it's because I have so few outside commitments to plan around; I don't have to rush off to teach or anything, so I can just work smoothly at my own pace.

One interesting thing I discovered this morning is a new story -- or rather, an old story from Torn Shapes that somehow never made it onto these pages, "Feather". So, if you haven't already read it in the book, enjoy! I find it fascinating that it's so short. I wrote these teeny tiny pieces when I started. 2000 words was a challenge. These days, I'm lucky if I can keep it under 5000. Funny, huh? Maybe at this rate I may actually write a novel someday.

(Actually, I'm scheduled to take a novel-writing workshop in the Spring. Meep!)

Anyway, I should probably go back to being productive. I'm curious, though -- are any of you coming to ChiCon? It would be great to see/meet some of you there. Jed and I will be throwing a small Strange Horizons party at some point during the Con, so if you're coming, you'd better attend. Or I'll do something nasty to you. And no, you won't like it. :-)

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