Sleepy baby. It’s…

Sleepy baby.

It's almost eleven, and I'm about to toddle off to bed. But I thought I'd just check in with y'all first.

What did I do today? a bunch of manuscripts. Wrote comments. That took about three hours this morning. Worked through some stuff on my desk. Did dishes and cleaned the bedroom. Puttered a bit, then went downtown to the Social Security card. Finally got around to filling out an application for a replacement card (mine dissolved the last time I let my wallet go through the washer). Felt virtuous. Went to the mall, intending to buy one long skirt. Actually bought a few things, because there were major end-of-summer clearance sales. I'm usually not the sort to get excited about sales, but when you buy a $90 dress for $25, that's rather satisfying. Went to Borders. Looked up copy of Mademoiselle and found that indeed, there is a blurb on Aqua Erotica, as reported. :-) Very short, but it's there. Look near the back. Re-read part of Bujold's A Civil Campaign, as satisfying as ever. It's now in paperback, so I bought it. Read manuscripts for workshop tonight. Wandered around mall for half an hour 'cause I couldn't concentrate. Didn't write anything. Went to workshop; had fun. Came home, checked e-mail (we're very close to a final SH design!) and watched Star Trek. And now, it's bedtime.

Boy, that was exciting, wasn't it? :-)

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