Things I Like About Getting Older

  • More people are willing to hire me in positions of responsibility
  • My parents treat me a little less like a child
  • My hair has cool silver strands in it
  • My students treat me with more respect
  • Sometimes I don't bother to try to compete with the 18-yr-old bodies
  • My little sisters ask me for advice
  • Fewer people ask me what my major is
  • I have more discipline
  • Skills accumulate over time
  • Sometimes I know what I'm talking about when I talk about writing (or teaching, or sex)
  • I'm not as nervous in bed
  • I'm more willing to take (reasonable) chances
  • I have more perspective, so small setbacks aren't as traumatic
  • I'm also less likely to buy into stupid societal mind games
  • I enjoy being a geek more and more
  • I don't feel as much of an imposter when I'm telling people what to do
  • I'm not nearly as terrified about starting a Ph.D. as I would have been a few years ago
  • My encroaching mortality makes me savor life more
  • With each year that passes, I'm more convinced that I'm doing an okay job at this living well idea
  • I begin to hope that I may actually someday grow wise

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