I am very happy. This…

I am very happy. This is for three (3!!!) reasons.

  1. Tomorrow is my birthday!!!

  2. I finally finished drafting the SH Articles of Incorporation!!! (It is the only work I've done today, but since it's taken so long, I don't care. Once Brian tells me it's okay, I mail it off to the state, and then I wait, and then they tell me we're incorporated, and then I do it again for CS (but much faster, since I know what I'm doing now)). Then comes the IRS, but that's another task altogether.

  3. John from Philadelphia came to visit me today!!! Okay, he didn't come to Salt Lake just to visit me; it turns out that some of his family lives here, and he was born here, and he came here on vacation. But nonetheless, he came to see me, and we had a really wonderful time; I haven't seen him in at least three years, maybe more, and he's a cuddle-friend, very snuggly, which was lovely, and we had a good dinner and good talk and I didn't even know he was coming until this morning. So it really was just a fabulous almost-birthday surprise. :-)

I'm gonna go be happy some more now. Talk to you tomorrow!

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