Heyo, my darlings. In a…

Heyo, my darlings. In a really good mood this morning, for no particular reason. :-) Had a nice evening yesterday; did LoveBytes (though I was a little tired, and so not quite as peppy/sexy as last time, I think) and then played Scrabble with David. Conceded the game near the end; I'd had some very bad luck holding out for a 7 letter word that had really killed me (all I needed was a 'T'! Four turns and no 'T'!). Stayed up for a while talking 'bout life and such. Pleasant.

This morning I've yet to make a start on my e-mail (the main thing I need to deal with this morning, since I'll be taking the rest of the Herotica manuscripts (I did start on them finally yesterday!) with me this afternoon when we go to Borders), but I got a few things done nonetheless. I re-linked an old porn story of mine -- I had reasons for taking it down, but I don't really think they apply anymore -- to the stories section: Caught Between Two Angry Women and added an illustration that was published with it, by Jack Cleveland. Unfortunately, I've mislaid my link to Jack's pages, so if anyone knows where they are, I'd appreciate a pointer. Cute illo.

And the even more fun thing I did was think about what other poems should be set to music, and immediately realized that Chorus was the obvious one. I think one of you even pointed that out at one point. So I wrote music for it, a slightly sad melody in F. And formatted it and printed it out. Very happy.

I've been thinking about how I can share these with you, and haven't come up with anything decent. I can scan them in and treat them as pictures, I suppose -- they'd be pretty huge JPG's, and that doesn't seem ideal, but I can't think of a better solution (since I can't save them when I create them due to the program demo limitations). Is it worth doing? Anyone interested in seeing this music?

And while I'm thinking about it, are there any poems I've written that you'd particularly like to see set to music? I appear to be on a roll, and I rather like the tunes I'm coming up with, actually. Simple, but functional. :-) I'm sure someone who had studied composition could do a lot better -- on the other hand, I can sing these. :-) Anyway, write in and let me know.

And speaking of recording (well, we weren't really, but close enough), I think I'm going to go ahead and do at least a few copies of that CD I was threatening to do. I don't think I'm going to sing on it, for which you should probably be grateful; just reading stuff. I'm also thinking about doing two versions -- one R and one G (for family Christmas presents and such). What do you think? Here -- let's do another one of those darn polls. Tell me if you'd be interested in buying a R-rated version (with sexy breathing and such :-), a G-rated version (children's stuff and maybe some mild romantic poetry), or both. This will help a lot with deciding what to do. I'll probably also put up a poll in a few days and ask you guys to help me select the pieces to put on there.

I'm going to try and make them available for $10, probably plus shipping.

CD - What Rating Would You Buy?

For $10 each, what rating of CD would you buy?

Neither, sorry.

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Let me know what you think! :-)

Now I must dive into the vast pile of e-mail. If you don't hear from me by tomorrow, assume I've drowned. David gets my music, Jed and Roshani and Lisette split my books, Karina gets my clothes, Kirstie gets my art, and Kevin gets my smut to console him.

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