Hey, guys. Sorry for…

Hey, guys. Sorry for the short entry yesterday; I was really wiped, for no good reason. Got only a little bit of work done. :-( Did, however, spend some time talking about music with David, which led to my downloading a sheet music creation program and putting Leaf and Tide and If I Could into sheet music. Which, I have to say, is pretty darn cool. They seem much more real now -- like actual songs. Though the music's a bit hard to read, since it was a demo program and printed Printe Music! Demo in the background of the music. :-) I wish I could find a cheaper program -- I'd buy this one if it were under $40, but it's $70. Meep. More than I can really justify, considering how rarely I write songs.

Sent out a whole bunch (6 months worth) of CS poetry contracts/checks this morning. I was also hoping to get those Herotica comments finally written up; might happen -- might not. We'll see. I only have about another hour to work; then I need to make dinner early, 'cause tonight I'll be on LoveBytes again at 9 p.m. EST. Stop by! Send mail! Call in! :-)

Anyway -- I won't get the work done by talking about it here. :-)

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