H’lo my dears. Had a…

H'lo my dears. Had a good weekend? Mine wasn't bad at all.

Pretty productive day today. I did spend about four hours watching movies (Three to Tango: cute, and Being John Malkovich: very funny, though I'm not sure it was supposed to be), but worked much of the rest of the day. I did a little more on that photos page from yesterday; I'm not sure it'll all stay up there, because it feels very odd and rather solipsistic to put up so many photos of myself (Jed asked if it were any more solipsistic than putting up a daily journal and I told him to hush). Part of the reason it's just photos of me is that it's more clearly focused that way; part of the reason is that I'm feeling more and more uncomfortable about putting up photos with other people in them without asking them first. So take a good look around my photo galleries -- I may be doing some serious slash and burning of them soon. We'll see.

I did some more practicing today -- flute! Gods, I haven't picked up my flute (to play it) in years, I think. But my fingers still remember the notes -- though I had to run scales to figure out how the sharps and flats were fingered. Woefully out of practice, and my body isn't used to it -- ten minutes and my right pinky and my mouth were aching. But I seem to remember how to tongue and slur and trill, so it's not hopeless.

Mainly I worked on magazine stuff. The first round of the naming contest is about to close -- looks like we're down to about 40 names. Now comes the argumentation part, as we all discuss why one name or another would be perfect (or horrible). Should be fun, as long as we don't get too attached. I wasn't at all enthused about Clean Sheets when we selected it, but I'm quite content with the name now.

Also started editing the call for submissions, and the section guidelines. Kinda fun. Makes it all feel more real, y'know? And then there was a fair bit of CS stuff as well; Susannah's doing a bang-up job of working to promote/publicize CS. I'm pretty much giving her her head and occasionally making a quiet suggestion -- let's see where she runs with it, eh?

Speaking of running, I think I spent the entire damn day sitting. Maybe I'll get up a little early tomorrow and try some exercise again. It's been a month or two -- I've probably rested enough, don't you think? :-)

Anyway -- fun week ahead, with much driving (lessons) and David arriving on Thursday for a week-long visit. Should be good, at any rate. We'll see.

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