Hey, munchkins. I’m not…

Hey, munchkins. I'm not sure where yesterday went. I meant to spend a lot of time on the computer working, but I didn't get up 'til 10 (first full night of sleep in a while, so I'm not complaining about that), and then I worked for a bit, then the cable modem started going out (it's only half fixed), so I went to the grocery store (Paul and Marcia were coming for dinner) and walked back, and somehow by that point it was 2:30. And Roshani called when I came in, and she was stressed by some big decisions she has to make (she's having a baby in October -- should she go on with her third year of med school, or take a year off to be with her kid?), so we ended up spending 4 hours on the phone. And the cable modem was still not working, so I wasn't motivated to try to speed that up (it's frustrating doing work over the slow dial-up now; how quickly we get spoiled). Around 6:30 or so her husband got home so she went to talk to him about it all; in the interim, I'd cleaned the kitchen and the rest of the apartment and started dinner. Finished making dinner just as Paul and Marcia arrived -- very nice when the timing works out that way (antipasto, good bread with olive oil and balsamic, steamed asparagus, and a yummy main dish -- red snapper in a spicy tomato sauce garnished with buttery cooked prawns over rice). Nice dinner, a round of Hearts afterwards. It's very funny watching Paul sweat -- he's the best player of us, but his wife tends to threaten awful things when he gives her the Queen of Spades. He's in trouble whether he wins or loses. :-)

Okay, now I really have to go teach. I should probably change out of my pj's first. More later -- I need to tell you about the naming contest and Conduit.

11:00. H'lo again! Good classes (gods, it's so much easier teaching classes you've taught before -- I had no idea!!) today, and yummy simple lunch (bread, fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella); I'm feeling happy and satisfied. And we've started our Naming Contest! Jed has put up details -- we're giving a $100 prize to the winning name, so please, stop by, read the guidelines, think of some names! This worked really well for Clean Sheets, so I'm hoping it'll work equally well for the new magazine.

There is a little stress on my mind -- some very upset reader reaction to "When", the current fiction story at Clean Sheets. They may have some reason to be upset -- I have to think about this a bit more. I'm not sure I'm sorry we ran the piece, but perhaps it should have had a warning. But how do you decide what to label? Argh. Argh...

On the good side, CS has joined the Femmerotic Network -- stop by to see some other cool sex sites.

In other news, I'll be panelling at Conduit tomorrow and Sunday! That's the local sf/f con, and I think it'll be a lot of fun. Here's my appearance schedule -- if any of you are local and attending, I'd be happy to meet up for lunch or some such. Sorry for the short notice -- I just recently decided to do it.

The slots for the magazine are rapidly filling up, huzzah! Just need a Managing Editor and a Gallery Editor and we'll have our minimum staff to go with. Very exciting.

Umm...there's probably more to tell you, but I'm feeling quite scattered, so I'm going to go answer some e-mail. May check back in later -- if not, have a great weekend!

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