Classes start…

Classes start today!

I can't really think about much else yet; I dozed a few hours last night, slept about two and then dozed a couple more -- apparently the first day of classes is exciting for my brain. Or maybe I have just too much to think about. Something, anyway.

But I'm pretty awake; I'll soon be showering and walking in to campus on what looks like a beautiful day; I have my tea and there's some cold pizza waiting for me (it eventually occurred to me last night (fifteen minutes before the good pizza place closed) that I have *more than one* credit card); my syllabus is done, and now I get to go scare the living bejeezus out of them with how much work this semester's going to be, 'cause that's what's you do the first day of class (there are reasons for that, but I'm not going to go into them now). Life is good, despite lack of sleep.

I'll tell y'all more about the magazine later today, I swear, but first I just have to say one thing in response to Columbine's latest home decorating tip:

"1. Curtains and other window treatments fade into the background shortly after they are installed. This is what they are supposed to do. If you continue to notice them weeks later, you've chosen them poorly. Don't choose interesting curtains. Choose durable, washable ones which match your room and have done."

I strongly disagree. I think I might agree if we're talking about a room with lots of windows -- noticeable curtains on each of them would distract from the other items in the room. But if you take my bedroom, it's basically a box with one window. A nice set of dark blonde door hides the little washer/dryer alcove, but otherwise there are no other interesting architectural features to the room; I want to emphasize the window. So I chose a heavy wrought iron bar with decorative spiral ends (finials? no, that's for staircases, I think?) to go across the top, and dark wine tab top drapes to frame the window. There's a discreet metal spring rod at the inner top of the window, and sheer white gauze panels that hang down, providing privacy without blocking out too much light. The curtains are the same saturation as my dark green bedspread, and contrast effectively, I think. (They're also the same color as my sheets, which peek out from the top of the bed, and some of the picture frames hanging on the walls). I think the overall effect works really well, and the room would be a lot more blah with curtains you didn't notice. (Though that's certainly a *safer* decorating approach...if you're a wimp. :-)

Okay, rant over -- must shower! :-)

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