Mother’s Day (Note…

Mother's Day

(Note holiday above -- it may not be too late...)

Home again, home again, jiggity jig. You know, I've been waffling about whether to move or not -- this place is a little expensive for my grad student budget. But I think I'm going to crunch the numbers again tomorrow, and if I can find another thousand somewhere, I may just stay here, because y'know, I was so happy coming home to it. My pansies are splendiferous; my apartment is clean and comfortable and beautiful. I probably shouldn't make this decision when I'm hungry and tired, though. :-)

Ramen for dinner, I'm afraid. I'd order pizza, but I'm broke! Why am I broke? Because for some unknown reason, my bank decided to deposit the huge check I deposited just before leaving in my savings account, instead of checking. Which means that not only can I not touch it until I go in to campus tomorrow, but that a couple of checks bounced (I hate that!) and that I just barely avoided running out of money while I was travelling, and only managed that by running up my credit card to the last $5. Really annoying! But I actually kinda like ramen, so it's not a tragedy.

I need to go do up my syllabus for classes tomorrow morning (start of summer semester), so I can't chat long, but I did want to at least mention the new project -- I did promise, I believe.

I'm starting a science fiction/fantasy magazine! (Didja guess?) The working title is "Worlds Beyond", though we'll be having a naming contest soon for the real name. I want to tell you all about it (especially how *you* can help :-), but I'm not in any shape to do so coherently tonight. So tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow.

I'm really excited about it, though. Really really excited. Woohoo! It's going to be an interesting summer!

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