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Hey, there are more of you here than I thought! I thought there were about 30 journal readers total, but since 30 people have already answered the poll, in about sixteen hours and starting on a Friday night (the net's dead time), I must assume that there are probably more than thirty. I'm actually getting interested in collecting this info for me, rather than just to test the service, so please, if you haven't already responded to the gender question, take a minute to do so:

Journal Readers - Gender

Are you male, female or other?


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You'll note that I've changed the title to a slightly more informative one. Hmm...I'm getting all excited about this. Maybe I'll ask you some more questions. Here's one:

Journal Readers - Age

How old are you?

over 80

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I am, of course, partly doing this to see whether I can easily run multiple polls with this service; but I'm genuinely curious too. Are you guys mostly 20-something's like me? Are you mostly men in your 50's? Mary Anne wants to know!

Paul and Marcia came over last night for cards; we had tried to find a fourth for spades but no luck (Kevin is deep in the throes of preparing for another conference). So we played hearts, which is a pretty decent three person game, and aside from a bitter discussion of whether in the situation where you have only a Queen of spades and hearts left, and hearts have not yet been broken, you can play a heart instead of the Queen (we finally decided no, since you can always play the Queen; it just isn't a heart, although this seemed a bit inconsistent with the fact that we'd been playing as if playing the Queen ALSO broke hearts), the game went very well. They helped me get rid of some evil leftover cheese and some spinach pate (evil to the tummy, not the tongue), and brought Easter candy. We drank some wine; we chatted; it was good. I'm really glad they're here -- they make next year much less scary.

Grading day today. Hmmm...not much else to say about that. I will grade until I fall asleep, and then I will get up and grade some more.

Later, my dears.

9:00 note. I've started reading a new journal; no idea if I'll keep going. Interesting mix of screenwriting and parenting. But this entry depressed me. Sigh.

3:30. Not as far along in grading as I'd like, but I should get my goal of 20 done for today. And hopefully before 9, so I can go to Samantha's party, dance my heart out, get smashed, and be in terrible shape to grade tomorrow. :-)

To clarify (which seems necessary since a bunch of you have been writing to me about the Hearts thing), and using Karen's terminology:

I forgot to specify that you have the lead at that point. That's the trouble. So can you play a Heart, or do you have to play the Bitch. We decided that you had to play the Bitch, because you can always play that at any time; it doesn't have to be broken. But it does seem a little inconsistent then that playing it at any time breaks Hearts too (the solution seems to be thinking of it as breaking points, rather than breaking hearts, but that seems sort of like a technicality). I have played Hearts where playing the Bitch doesn't break hearts, actually, and it works fine. Not a big deal, but definitely something to be clear on before you start play.

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