In all the confusion…

In all the confusion yesterday, I forgot entirely that it was Lisette's birthday. The only reason I remembered at the last minute was 'cause someone had written me about something in the early journals, and so I'd gone back to '95 and started reading through (which takes a long time, lemme tell ya) and I happened to stumble across a April 20th entry from some other year which went on about how great Lisette was, and it took me a minute to figure out that yes, it was her birthday. Sheesh. What kinda best friend am I?

Didja manage to wade through that appallingly long entry yesterday? If you did, good for you! I can't quite believe I wrote so much. I look at the early entries, and they're six to eight lines long. Clearly I babble much more now that I used to.

I want to go back to sleep! Don't know why -- I got my eight hours. I hate being this lethargic. Maybe it's 'cause I haven't exercised in a week. I assume you did notice that. I could do some sit-ups at least. Those shouldn't be too strenuous.

Eh. Hopefully I'll be more interesting tomorrow. For now, I'll spare you any more blithering.

4:30. Testing some polling stuff for CS. Please take a moment to fill this out:

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6:00. Finished reading Marilyn Krysl's How to Accommodate Men. Good stuff. Interesting set of short stories set in Sri Lanka in the middle of the book; she's done a bunch of volunteer work there. Also read Anita Desai's Fasting, Feasting. Not sure how I feel about that book -- nominated for the Booker Prize. Strangely unsatisfying, I think. A bit hard to pin down why, especially without giving away spoilers. Worth reading, though; nice writing, and it's short enough that even if you find it frustrating, you haven't invested much time in it. Reading Robert Jordan's seventh book -- now *that* was frustrating....

Not sure what I'm doing this evening. Maybe hanging out with Paul/Marcia. Maybe watching old movies -- I'm having a craving for The Princess Bride. We'll see.

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