I made $3000 dollars…

I made $3000 dollars today.

Okay, no, that's not really true. I'll make $3000 dollars on June 2nd; I just found out about it today.

Well, that's not true either, really. On June 2nd I'll have most of $3000 put into an account for me which I won't be able to touch until I'm 60 or something. The rest of the money will come in slowly until September. Then it'll stop. But it'll keep earning interest.

Retirement benefits are a wonderful thing. I feel like such a grown-up. The only question is why it took me until now to sign up for the darn orientation that lets me register for them (and retroactively collect the back payments owed me). I'm a goober. It's a good thing I'm not going to be penalized for it. (Though all those monthly medical insurance fees coming at once might hurt a bit).

I knew there had to be some benefits to grown-up jobs. :-) 14.2%. Woohoo!

I'd talk more, but I'm so tired I'm going to go fall over now. Dunno why. Talk to ya later!

9:24. Just rousing from a long sleepy time. I went to go lie down after eating a very early dinner, and just thought I'd read in bed for a while. I couldn't stop shivering. I got up and turned up the heat. It's been off for weeks, but I cranked it to 70. I went back to bed and shivered under the comforter some more. I finally gave up on that, and ran a hot bath with strawberry bubble stuff and two rubber duckies (all from Karina). I cannot tell you how cheered I was by lying in the hot water rereading War for the Oaks and occasionally drowning my ducks in bubbles. The momma duck is much more stable than the baby duck. But if I'm feeling nice, I can let the baby duck ride on momma's back. Usually I make it go it on its own though -- if it doesn't learn independence now, when will it?

I realized while I was in the bath that I've really been feeling cold all day (one of my students commented, startled, when I walked into class wearing jeans and a heavy sweater -- "That's the first time all semester you haven't worn a skirt or dress!" -- yup, that's 'cause I was cold, boyo...); I just hadn't really let it register. When I got out, I put on my flannel pyjamas (at 6 p.m. or so) and then curled up on the futon with my book and a warm blankie. Yes, I was clearly reverting to six years old or so. My mommy even called me (though she wanted to talk about grown-up house stuff -- I told her I wasn't able to think about that right then). Mostly I read and dozed until I realized that I had managed to completely miss the CS chat. Ugh. Missed last week due to connection problems, this week due to what I'm guessing is a mild fever or just a cold or some such. Annoying, though. I don't like being a flake; it's not part of the self-image. :-)

Anyway, I know I'm just babbling at you now. But I did want to note that the main reason I called up Karen was not because I thought her incapable of making a kugel (and yes, of course I want the recipe -- you should post it, silly), but because I was so pleased to have a reason to use that cookbook. I have too many cookbooks and most of them get neglected (while I wear my Charmain Solomon Complete Asian Cookbook and my Fannie Farmer to shreds). And I certainly do not know everything there is to know about cooking curry; my mother would laugh in my face. I just know enough to convince white people that I know what I'm doing. :-) I can't even tell Tamil curries from Sinhalese, half the time...

Okay, sleeping now, really. Tomorrow heap big work day. (I probably don't get to make fun of Native Americans as an honorary Indian, do I? No, I didn't think so. Ah well -- I'll be content with my honorary Polack status (from my nine years on Polish Catholic school and four years of mandatory Polish classes); that'll keep me supplied with good Polack jokes for life. There just aren't nearly as many good Sri Lankan jokes, which is a damn shame. (Though did I tell you the one about the four businessmen...the American, the Japanese, the Indian and the Sri Lankan? Well, they were sitting on a train, boasting the way male businessmen do, trying to show each other up. So the Japanese man reaches into his briefcase, pulls out a gorgeous Nikon camera, and throws it out the train window! And the other businessmen say....)).

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