Well, it started out…

Well, it started out sunny today, but it looks like we have a thunderstorm coming; it's getting grey and windy. I'm looking forward to it, actually; I'm planning on taking my grading down to Borders and working this afternoon. There are huge windows there overlooking Temple Square, and it'd be nice working there with a storm raging outside. ('Raging' is probably a bit much to hope for, actually. :-).

My mood has actually been sort of the opposite of that. I was pretty rainy when I woke up; Kevin was sleeping there, which was good, but I was suddenly hit with how soon he'll be leaving (yes, I know July is months away, but it feels like soon to me) and how long it'll likely be until we can be in the same place again. I hope grad school appreciates this. But then he woke up (yes, I know what I promised yesterday...so I'm weak-willed) and cheered me up. Then I got up to start my day and he went back to sleep (see, so it's okay that I woke him). Feeling awfully moody the last couple of days, really -- up and down and up and down. Ah well. Work will cure that. Work cures everything except exhaustion.

We had Thai food last night; that was so good. Had it for breakfast again this morning -- rice with pad prik khing -- that's chicken, bell pepper and long beans (which are these long, kinda chewy green beans) stir-fried with red curry paste. Yum! One of my favorite Thai dishes, right after the coconut milk curries. I am so glad that most of the people I've dated liked curry; it makes life a lot easier for me. Left to myself, I'll eat curry at least half the week; and I actually get a little distressed if I don't have it at least once a week. Home food. Good for the soul.

Gosh, I *am* sleepy. I just want to go back to bed. But maybe a shower and clean clothes will help rejuvenate me.

Hey, maybe y'all will have some idea how to deal with this computer problem I'm having. For some reason, Fetch doesn't seem to want to ftp to either this account (it just hangs) or my uchicago account. I have these audio files that I want to move to this account. I can't use Yahoo to mail them to myself because the attachments are too big. I'm just bewildered; I can't figure out how to get them from the hard drive to my computer. Maybe I'll try ftp again today and see if patience solves it, but otherwise, I'm just stumped.

8:00 p.m. I have to admit to being disappointed that I didn't get my thunderstorm; just a little light rain around lunchtime. Maybe tonight or tomorrow. It would be temping to blame my apathy about grading on the rain disappointment, but really, I just didn't want to do it. I don't know why it takes so much effort to pick up each paper -- when I'm actually grading one, it's relatively painless. Weird. I got through 4 out of my alloted 12. Sad.

On the plus side, my number of 75 was completely inaccurate. I was basing it on roughly 25 students/class, and in actuality I have 16, 21, 15. Not even close to 75. 42 papers is much more manageable. A lot of students dropped; I think it's harder to motivate to go to school in the spring. I'm pretty sure it's not my teaching. :-)

And I'm very pleased that the second Gap novel is much more what I expect of Donaldson; tight plotting, intricate characterization, lots of detail. It's a good thing Kirsten told me these were good, though, or I'd have never gotten more than halfway through the first one. It *is* still a little hard to take all the rape in his stories, though. If you're going to take a stab at this, you may want to brace yourself. (I'm not objecting to his treatment/portrayal of rape or the rapist, btw -- just that the brutality described is a little hard for me to handle sometimes. Vivid imagination).

Gods, I'm tired. Little snack, then pyjamas and reading in bed, I think. It's chilly enough that I can dig out my green plaid flannel pyjamas again, that I adore most thoroughly. (How's *that* for a sexy image? :-) Try to get to bed by 10 so I can get up at 6 and do a little prep before class. (I almost said - get up at 5 and do some grading - and then I realized how implausible that was since the deadline isn't close to looming yet :-)

Sleep well, munchkins. And thanks again to those of you who sent me little notes telling me that you'll still like me even if you don't get to see me naked. :-) That's always comforting. (Heh. I stress enough about photos of my *face*! I can't even imagine putting my tummy up here...though check out the recent CS gallery if you want to see my absolutely stark naked ankle...)

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