All you Americans…

All you Americans finished your taxes, right? :-)

I slept really late today for no good reason, and as a result have been kinda groggy and slow this morning. Don't like it. Has a nice chat with Paul; called to ask if he and Marcia wanted to come have brunch tomorrow, but he's got a reading -- I forgot. Guess I'll just eat brunch on my own. :-) It's that time of the semester when all the students decide they can't afford to socialize anymore. Grad students are no exception. Nonetheless, I'm really excited to be going back to school. :-) (I should probably go back and read some of my entries from my last semester at Mills for some perspective....nah....Who needs perspective, anyway?)

Going to go out to Borders today; hopefully do some of the writing I said I was going to do last time I was going out to work (the perceptive among you will have noticed that I ended up writing something totally different from any of the things I had planned). Will probably also start reading Stephen Donaldson's Gap series, which should keep me pleasantly employed for the next couple of weeks. (Never mind that I get 75 research papers handed to me on Monday that I need to grade and hand back by the following Monday)...

My herbs are exuberant; they're overflowing their pots. Consider that I only get a little east and west sunlight in the sunroom (mainly north-facing), I'm pleasantly surprised. I made myself an omelette this morning with fresh oregano and goat cheese. Accompanied by a slice of olive-rosemary bread from Cucina. Yum. Herbs good.

Watched two movies yesterday -- Dancing at Lughnasa was good, but almost too sad to bear. I hadn't expected it to be; wasn't braced for it. I want a happy ending, dangit. Also saw The Blood Oranges, and I'm still not sure how I feel about that. It's a movie about open marriages, sort of. The video jacket is misleading; makes it sound very anti-poly. The movie is more complex than that. I liked a lot of the visuals and the way it handled building suspense, but I'm not sure I'm happy with the final message. I'm not sure there is a final message. Will need to keep thinking about it, I expect.

Anyway, off to work! Have a good weekend!

7:30. Sent out "Since Feeling is First" to the readers list. Did research for hours today -- huzzah for me. Will tell you more about it tomorrow. Gonna go read for a while and then make dinner; Kev and I are eating late 'cause working today messed up both our schedules...pasta with sauce: hot Italian sausage and peppers...

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