Hey, any of you read…

Hey, any of you read Italian? If you do, you might want to stop over here and look at a translation of "Listening to My Daughter", a precursor to the Italian anthology coming out in May. You have to hunt a bit through the site to get to the anthology of Asian female writers... Cool, huh?

I've given up on any consensus from you all on the best poem, btw. Not a single repeat in all the ones chosen. I'll just have to pick one on my own...or send them a few to choose from. Which is fine, and I do appreciate your trying. :-)

Today I work at home in the morning, and then in the afternoon head down to the Department of Commerce to get pamphlets and talk to people about nonprofits. Oof. I'm still not sure if it's the right route for CS; we'll see.

I actually wrote another story last night, "Since Feeling is First", but it rather invades someone else's privacy, so until I get hir okay, I'm not going to distribute it. It's awfully short, so if sie'd rather I didn't do anything with it, I think I'll be okay just letting it sit.

*big yawn* Sleepy! I woke up sometime in the middle of the night to a loud thrumming sound; I'd left the bedroom window open, and rain was pounding down outside. Nice. I watched for a little bit, but then fell back into bed. I love it when it rains but it's warm enough that you can leave the windows open. There are some advantages to leaving near (but not in) a desert. Though I am going to have to put up with several years of dry skin...I should get some nicer lotion, since I use it so much these days.

Watched Three Kings last night! Really liked it! I think I liked it because it didn't glorify war, but it also didn't really glorify the heroes, who were pretty venal petty people but just couldn't quite bring themselves to abandon human decency when it came right down to it. Very honest in that way. I also liked it 'cause it made me sob like a baby a couple of times. :-) I wish I knew why that is sometimes so satisfying.

Okay, back to legal stuff. Ugh.

1:00. One of the lawyers this morning was very helpful, and I don't think I need to go down to the Department of Commerce now. I think I'm finally getting all this legal stuff sorted out in my brain. I can feel it expanding. It creaks. (Who knew running a magazine would require that I learn so many different things?)

It was a relief to read some sonnets on science that Jed pointed me to, by Raphael Carter. My favorite is the one on SETI.

I couldn't pick among those poems; I ended up sending five of them:

  • commuting
  • Listening to My Daughter
  • Systematic Pressure
  • the bones want to fly
  • And the sea is shaking...
Right now, they're my favorites. :-)

I'm loving the weather -- rainy all morning, then brief sunlight at lunchtime (just enough to give my basil their daily dose), and now wind and rain. Maybe I'll wrap a cloak around me and go for a walk. It's one of Pooh's Blustery Days...

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