Kevin’s back! :-) :-)…

Kevin's back! :-) :-) :-)

He actually called about ten minutes after I posted that last entry, saying he'd just gotten in (after 22 hrs of travelling, poor boy (I'm not sure why so long, since he was coming from England, which is only ten hours away...but I assume probably really bad connections)). He came over after he'd dealt with mail and stuff. I'm in a much better mood today.

And then more good news from one of my mailing lists:

"For those who may have missed it... The SciFi channel has picked up rights to rebroadcast BABYLON 5, including all 112 episodes and the four movies. They plan on broadcasting them at 7 PM ET starting 9/25. No word on whether the deal will also include CRUSADE, and new episodes still seem unlikely."

relevan t article

Now, I'm not a rabid B-5 fan or anything -- in fact, I've only seen about three episodes. But I would like to watch the whole series at some point, so I may just have to invest in cable and the SF channel in September. We'll see -- it's dangerous having a functional tv in the house. My tv currently lives in the closet and the reception is so terrible that I only drag it out when a) I want to watch videos, b) I'm really sick, or c) I'm really upset and can't reach a friend on the phone. Which I sometimes think are the only reasons to have a tv around at all.

Got a bunch of things to do today, so I'll talk to y'all later. Have a good day, munchkins!

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