Running log:


Mild fever, bad cough, staying home today. What really bugs me about getting sick is that I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING to deserve it. Yes, I'm aware that sickness isn't really a punishment from the heavens or anything, but usually I overwork myself or stay out too late or something. I was perfectly good all last week -- I worked reasonable hours, I dressed appropriately for the weather, etc. and so on. If the gods are angry with me, I wish they'd be clearer what for.

I'm not quite sure what to do with myself today. I suppose I'll finish the Rohinton Mistry book I started yesterday, A Fine Balance -- it's really good. I have some phone calls that I was going to make this afternoon, so I'll probably try to get them out of the way earlier. Mostly, though, I feel too out of it to get anything useful accomplished. I suppose I'll drink juice and sleep. Boring, but appropriate.

Hope your weeks start better, my dears.

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