April Fool’s…

April Fool's Day

Running log:

50 sit-ups. I loathe sit-ups. Cough not any better, though, so it's sit-ups I do. Had to sort of hurl my body up to manage the last one, which is pretty much cheating, I think. Am finding the no-tea-'til-after-exercise is a pretty good motivator. Probably should link flossing to that too. Ick.

Well, I did do an April Fool's editorial at CS, but so far, no comments. Maybe no one thought it was funny. :-( Not inspired to do an appropriate entry, so you just get me today. Oh, and a link to Karen's latest entry, which *is* funny, especially scene 4. Just guess which kind of logic I generally employ...

Taking today pretty easy; I felt like baking bread, so now my yeast is hopefully yeasting for focaccia. I like my focaccia with lots of stuff in it, so even though I haven't made this recipe before, I'm modifying it, adding about ten cloves of garlic and some sundried tomatoes to the dough, and some chopped tomatoes as well (I'm not sure whether it's better to fold those in, or bake them on top...we'll see. Wish me luck!

Otherwise, catchup day, a little reading (John Christopher's The Prince in Waiting), a little Caesar -- this level has been taking me forever because I just did it totally wrong at first, so I've had to tear down almost half my city very slowly and build it up again so it's not halfway across the country from my farms...time-consuming!

Getting a little fretful in that I haven't written fiction in a while, but nothing is showing up in my head. Maybe I need to take a walk or something...urgh. But otherwise, life is very good. (Though I wish I weren't the ONLY journaller to update on the weekends....)

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