Meep. Sorry to leave…

Meep. Sorry to leave that Wednesday paragraph up so long -- the day did improve significantly after that, and yesterday was nice as well. Spent some time with Kevin working and eating and trying to figure out what makes sense for next year. So many damn variables -- and rents in Chicago are a lot higher than they are here. Kev says that rent is supposed to be about 1.5 times higher than it is here, and looking at the listings, I think a sweet place like what I have here (the upstairs of a house) would be more like double. Eep.

No word yet on the grad program here.

On the plus side, there appear to be some decent job prospects in Chicago, at De Paul and UIC. There's also a good one in Foothill/Los Altos in California. This weekend I draft a cover letter and some other materials; Monday I show it to Raoul (my kind supervisor who volunteered to review it for me), by Friday I want to send them out. A day or two earlier, if possible...I leave Friday for my whirlwind East Coast tour: Baltimore (4 days), New York (2 days), Connecticut (1 day), Boston, (1.5 days), Baltimore and then home again on the 19th. Some of those cities I'm booked breakfast, lunch and it won't be the most restful vacation, but it'll be lovely seeing Alex, Elissa, Bryan, Tasos, Shmuel, Naomi, Manny, my parents, Mirna, Todd, Debby, Cecilia, David and the other Alex again. :-)

Okay, off to grade a few revision papers. Kirsten arrives this afternoon and is staying through Monday, which will be very nice. (College roommate, in case you forgot. Having a rough time romantically-speaking, so I think there's be some tissue-sessions. Any recommendations for movies to watch with someone who absolutely doesn't want to see anything even remotely romantic?)

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