Well, today did not…

Well, today did not start auspiciously. I had a quiz to give today, so I got up around 5:30, designed the quiz, started it printing (75 copies). If I'd planned ahead better, I could have put it together Monday and had the department secretary photocopy it for me, but I didn't. Ah well. So the consequence of that was that at 7:00, when I should have left to catch the bus to my 7:30 class, I still wasn't quite finished printing (it had stopped a few times for more paper and I didn't always catch it right away since I was puttering around getting ready). So I decided to just catch a cab to campus -- it's only a $4 cab ride. Wouldn't want to do that every morning, but not a big deal to do once a while. Called the cab company at 7:08. Printed happily. No cab at 7:18. Called them, concerned -- it takes only five minutes to drive to campus, but still...was cutting it a bit close at that point. They said a cab would be there in five minutes. Finished printing. 7:25, went downstairs to wait. No cab. 7:30 no cab. 7:35 no cab and now I'm really annoyed because there's basically no way I'll get to class on time -- it's a half hour walk. So I go back up, yell at the cab company, cancel the cab, e-mail the students and apologize and now I'm killing fifteen minutes until I can go catch the bus to my next class. Y'know, it's irritating when a bus is really late, but it's really unprofessional and annoying when a cab is half an hour late. I did manage to restrain myself from swearing at them, though.

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