Hey, munchkins. …

Hey, munchkins. Hmm...I'm sure there are things to update you on for Thursday and Friday, but I honestly can't remember what. I was a bit sick on Friday, so I was sort of out of it. Oh, did have a pretty nice dinner party -- veggie potluck: grilled vegetables and polenta with garlic aioli, fried wontons stuffed with seasoned tofu with hoisin-based dipping sauce, curry rice pilaf, baked sweet potatoes and apples, savory tomato-topped cheesecake, strawberries with lemon curd and brandy cream, chocolate self-saucing pudding. Yum. Nice knowing so many people who can cook.

Spent much of yesterday reading the third Terry Goodkind book -- yes, I've gotten hooked on these epic fantasy novels. Amazingly reminiscent of Jordan, but I like them a lot more -- somehow Goodkind's characters are more appealing/interesting/sympathetic. And I think he's a better writer. And he actually finishes each book (which incidentally gives you a choice whether or not to go on to the next vast tome). Really enjoying them -- definite page-turners.

Last night Karina and I went out to dinner (good Mexican food at the Blue Iguana; she had never had a mole sauce before -- she liked it! :-) and then a movie. We saw Holy Smoke, an excellent little film about an Australian girl who goes to India, gets caught up in an ashram, and has family back home who panic, drag her home, and try to have her deprogrammed. Fascinating, at times powerful, and quite fun. Really fun seeing it with Karina, of course -- felt almost too apropros. Almost. :-) Nice talk with her afterwards, until I fell asleep. Going to miss her.

Today, working in the morning, made crepes for brunch, working some more, meeting up with Kevin at 3 and going out to grade at Borders. Ah, the exciting life we lead...

...don't be fooled. I love this. Grading and all.

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