Well, I am successfully…

Well, I am successfully avoiding grading yet again -- if I spent enough time on this journal entry, I won't have any time to get my grading done before classes. Eep. Not the right way to think about it. I managed to spend twenty minutes just now making cranberry muffins, which would normally be fine -- I've been meaning to make them for a while (use up the leftover frozen cranberries and Karina likes them and it would be nice to have them available for breakfast) -- but I really didn't need to do it on the morning when I'm supposed to be grading. I've finished the laggards of the Cinderella papers (just in time, since they hand in their biotech papers today, and I would hate to have Cinderella papers still hanging around), but I still have the smoking ban memos from my business class to grade. Part of the avoidance is simply that I'm not yet sure what to grade them on, though I imagine that will become clear once I start looking at them. I did teach them some principles of clear business writing beforehand, after all.

Had a good day yesterday, though I spent more of it chatting with Karina and less of it catching up than I'd anticipated. Still, my desk is almost clear, I've started working through the e-mail backlog, I did a couple crucial things for AE, so maybe Thursday I really will catch up. I might even get some of it done this afternoon, depending on whether students are wanting to meet with me then. We'll see.

Good Buffy episode (Karina is addicted, so I find myself watching too), nice, if short, chat with Jed, yummy dessert. Kevin is behind on his work (he's writing a couple math papers with some colleagues) and so absented himself yesterday from dinner/tv-watching on grounds of having too much work. Well enough. Then he showed up at my doorstep bearing a plate with three lovely ginger creme brulees (one of my favorite desserts), and stayed fifteen minutes or so to eat them with us before going back to work. Very nice surprise, and he did a good job for his first attempt (custard a bit grainy, too much caramelized sugar resulting in chewy bits stuck in teeth, but a valiant effort nonetheless -- custards are hard, I think!). It's nice when Kev goes on cooking binges...

Okay, no more dilly-dallying. Off to grade. Have a good day, my dears!

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