Valentine’s Day I…

Valentine's Day

I admit it...I'm actually doing something romantic today. What the heck -- maybe once a decade I'll actually celebrate Valentine's Day. If I had time, I would have gotten little presents for my friends too, but I forgot. Ditto candy for students. Ah well...

Karen notes for the record that she thinks I'm much more of a femme than an androgyne. Hmph. She just hasn't seen me pouring concrete and putting outdoor swing sets together (I was the only one in my family ready to take that job on), or splitting timber (which I love), or going cheerfully grubby for a week while camping. I have plenty of butch characteristics to counter my femme-y pleasure in long hair and long skirts...they're just not quite as visible most of the time. So there. :-)

I did have a fairly relaxing weekend, though. Did manage to do a last revision (hopefully last) of "The Silence and the Word", and I think I'm happy with it -- we'll see what the editor thinks. I decided my 3400 students could wait one more class for their last homework back, and I have a few leftover papers that I need to grade tomorrow, but I'm not actually behind on them, which is good. In fact, if I get in a good day of work tomorrow (I teach Mondays, so little time for other work -- Tuesday I stay home all day), then I may actually be caught up. Terrifying thought. What will I do with myself?

I need to go jump in the shower and then drink my tea. I hope y'all had a pleasant weekend; I'll talk to you soon.

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