Dare I hope that the…

Dare I hope that the month of frantic running in place is finally coming to an end? Perhaps it's foolish of me, but I actually have a relaxed weekend planned. Only about eight hours of work, which for two days, isn't bad at all. And my apartment is already clean from all the grading-avoidance I was doing on Thursday...

Among other things (though I think it might have been Wednesday night), I occupied myself taking personality tests. So if you're interested in my Myers-Briggs or whether I'm Butch or Femme, feel free to take a look. I actually think they got me pretty much right on for both test -- I'm also a classic Leo, so if you add all those together, you get a fair idea of my personality.

Although nowhere in those tests does it talk about liking rain, and at least part of the reason I'm in a good mood this morning is the rain. It's just drizzling lightly -- the sky is white and clear, and the bare branches of the trees stand out so beautifully against it. I work in the sunroom, so I'm surrounded by windows looking out onto the sky and the tops of trees and houses. There's Celtic music playing, and it reminds me of mornings in Edinburgh -- it's just too bad there isn't a friendly pub down the street. I hope they appreciate their pubs.

Still, I do have a nice cafe next door, and an art/flower store. I went out this morning and got an assortment of danishes, and fresh flowers (red snapdragons, white astromenia, blue delphiniums, tall and thin)...perfect for such a peaceful morning. Susan is reading in the papasan and Karina should be getting back soon...just nice.

I have a keychain that's shaped like a little pewter book. The spine says Virginia Woolf, the cover has a picture of a lighthouse, and the back has a quote -- "If you are losing your leisure, look out! -- it may be you are losing your soul."

I need to remind myself of that fairly often.

Have a lovely, leisurely weekend...

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