Various news…

Various news bulletins:

  • Still working AE stuff. Progress, but didn't get as much done yesterday as I'd hoped.
  • Writers' group last night liked _Seven Cups_, huzzah. Minor revisions and it's ready to go, I think. Over-writing is still my biggest problem on revised pieces (and skimpiness on first drafts -- someday I'll learn how to strike a balance)
  • Marcy Sheiner had to pull "Chantal" from Best Women's Erotica a few days ago (publisher concerns re: consensuality), but agreed yesterday to take "Kali" instead.
  • Also yesterday my copy of _Batteries Not Included_ arrived, which is where "Kali" was first published. Kindly sent to me by Kris Hawes of CS, who is also in it. There was never a U.S. edition published, since it came out around the time Masquerade was going out of business, but you can get the U.K. edition from Amazon, U.K.
  • I'll try to get a copy of "Kali" on-site soon.
  • Second week of classes survived! Woohoo! I'm starting to get the hang of the business/tech writing class, I think, and we're about to dive into the fairy tales for the composition class. Fun!
  • People coming over to play a game (Wise and Otherwise) tonight, and eat pizza and drink beer/cider.
  • Lots of work to do still, so I'd best go do it... :-)

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