Aqua Erotica day! …

Aqua Erotica day! That's much less exciting than it sounds -- it means that I dedicate today to tying up as many loose ends regarding this anthology as possible. We're trying to make our final selection this week (though I think they're being a bit overambitious regarding that, and we'll probably have to hang on to a few more stories without deciding 'til next week). But basically, today I will write to all the people who wrote good stories that we just don't have room for...or as many of them as I can. I don't know if this is the worst kind of rejection letter or not -- it's perhaps the most difficult for me, since I really WANT to publish these stories and just can't. Bu from the authors' side of things, it may be the best kind, since you know you have a decent chance of selling the work elsewhere, and that the editor will want to see work from you in the future. But it's still a rejection letter.

I did get in my Ph.D. app. in time, btw. Now it's just waiting.

Hmm...I thought I had more to say, but I guess not. Will probably check back in later, though.

Oh -- one thing. That whole acceptance entry? It's nonsense. Sheer nonsense. Never mind.

12:30 update. Well, I'm moving a little slower than I'd like on these e-mails, but it's progressing. In other news, I'll be in Atlanta, GA from Feb 4-6; I just heard that they got funding to fly me out for their Asian Students Conference. Coolness. Anyone reading from Georgia? Drop me a note -- maybe we can have lunch.

Gardening questions? (I've been trying to keep my plants alive over the winter, with limited success):

  1. There seem to be tiny white dots on my parsley -- what are they and should I worry about them?

  2. Many of my plants are looking very dry and yellowed, even though they're being watered regularly. Any ideas?

  3. I've planted some bulbs in long plastic pots, and am about to put them outside -- do I need to do anything else to them? (Is it too late? I meant to do this months ago.)

  4. I have a pathetic-looking bell pepper plant with one bell pepper still on it (been there for months). Is there any chance the plant will survive and grow new peppers this year, or should I toss it?

  5. I have a green leafy plant called "Nepthys" that someone gave me, that is looking yellow, and my garden books don't list it. Anyone know what it is or how to care for it?


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