Hey, it’s a Friday the…

Hey, it's a Friday the 13th! Everyone be careful today, okay? (Do other countries have this custom, or is America just weird?)

Well, I'm not sure where yesterday went. I know about three hours of it disappeared into Katie Waitman's _The Merro Tree_, a sf tale of a master performer who has been condemned to death for performing a forbidden songdance. Very very hard to put down; I started it yesterday afternoon and basically didn't stop until Kevin came to drag me away to dinner. (Note: Bombay House doesn't put enough vinegar in its vindaloo).

When we came back, we made the curry buns; I always forget how long this takes, even though I cheated and used frozen dough this time (only 'cause I didn't have any gluten, a key ingredient). By the time we finished, it was almost midnight, and I still hadn't a) made the cranberry muffins, b) made the potato curry, or c) done my grading.

Which is why I'm up at a truly ungodly hour (yes, there are ungodly hours, even in Utah) -- grading before my ridiculously early class. I gotta say, it'll be nice teaching at the U this fall, where my earliest class is at 7:30, and I'm a half hour or so walk from campus. I can sleep 'til 6:30 if I want! Blissful.

Today we discuss MUDs and MOOs in my class; it'll be very interesting to see what they think of them. We also discuss whether women and children need protecting on the electronic frontier. I expect no serious argument on the women part, but the children...well, see David Steinberg's excellent essay on the subject. I know I'm not supposed to advocate particular political positions in my writing classroom, but if I can do just a little educating...well, no harm in at least exposing them to the liberal viewpoint, right? They get to make up their own minds...

10:30 a.m. Well, we didn't make it to discussing women and children; I'll try to fit that in Monday, along with the haves and have-nots discussion. That's the last day of my class! Meep! I love my class! I don't want it to end, even though only about a third of them show up at any given time, and lets not even talk about how behind they are in their homework... (all day Monday I expect to be chanting, "Please let them hand everything in. Please, please, pretty please." I so don't want to flunk anyone).

The curry buns came out great, which makes me wonder why in the world I didn't use frozen dough before? This is a labor-intensive process already; why make it harder than it needs to be? Now I need to do the rest of my cooking; Kevin doesn't have muffin tins! He doesn't even have a loaf pan! I guess I'll make the cranberry nut batter and bake it in his ceramic circular casserole and see what happens. Bread? Cake? Who knows?

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