You may have heard about…

You may have heard about the freak tornado that hit Salt Lake yesterday. Kevin and I are fine; I assume everyone else I know here is too, since the damage appears to have been very localized to downtown and only one person was killed. This is only hearsay news, though -- our power was knocked out yesterday in the early afternoon and didn't come on again until after I'd gone to bed.

It wasn't so much of a hardship, though we were a bit worried about the food in the fridge. The sun is still up fairly late at this time of year; around 8 p.m. we went to a Barnes & Noble where I got chai (Kevin has an electric stove, so I hadn't been able to make tea after the power went out) and started work on critiquing Leah's novel. We came home at 10, and read by flashlight for an hour or so (well, I sat on the couch and read; Kevin sat next to me and thought about math). Under other circumstances, it could undoubtedly have been very romantic. I fell asleep on the couch, woke up briefly when the power came back near midnight, and tottered over to the bed, where I slept soundly for the rest of the night.

Yesterday we took most of what's left of my stuff here over to my place. There's one miscellaneous box left, a fair number of clothes, and my plants. We'll probably get all that over next week; my landlord gets back today and should soon start makng the final needed repairs, so I think the place will be habitable shortly. Kevin's going out of town again this weekend and will be gone for a week. Perhaps I should be happy about that. I'm not. He's not either, but he needs to go.

Today I need to cook a fair bit of stuff to take to the Artemesian games this weekend; potato curry and mas paan (stuffed curry buns) and some egg salad for sandwiches and cranberry muffins (an odd assortment, I know, but we're doing group cooking, so those are my contributions for various meals). I'm looking forward to it; cooking is good therapy. I do, of course, have tons of other work to do, most urgently grading. I'll get the grading done, but I'm dubious about the rest of it. We'll see.

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