I’ve spent some time…

I've spent some time this morning doing clean-up, mostly on the more smut page. You know, I started these pages back in 1993 or so, and some of them are a little embarassing in style. They're not all that consistent either. I'd really like to do a complete site redesign, or at least just clean-up all the pages, but a) that would take an incredible amount of time, and b) I'm not even sure i'd *find* all the pages. There are strange nooks and crannies in this website, and the gods only know what's been breeding in there when I wasn't looking...

I do want to redo the Sri Lanka pages, but I'm waiting on Jed to scan in some of my photos, so until he gets up off his lazy duff, I'm helpless. :-)

Seriously, he finally called me yesterday (I was starting to think that when I moved to Utah, all my friends had decided I'd fallen off the face of the earth -- Roshani is the only one who calls me regularly, though David and Kirsten have braved the phone once or twice themselves -- maybe they're afraid Kevin bites; he's harmless, really, guys...) and we had a great catch-up conversation. Somehow a whole month has gone by. A little hard to believe.

The days do just flow into one another here. It's a very peaceful life, broken up only by my classes, very different from the helter-skelterness of my life in California. I wake up in the morning on the days I don't have class; I make tea and chat with Roshani for a bit. I check my plants, I log in, I read e-mail, I do some work. The sun is always shining; my music plays softly (Tori Amos at the moment) and Kevin is still sleeping. Life is pretty good.

I mostly ended up giving up on my first attempt at a garden, btw. The plants had gotten badly sun-scalded, and I had been watering them too often (yet not enough at any one time). I think. So I've started anew (though I did manage to salvage two snapdragons, parsley and chives from the old garden) with a whole host of new plants. To wit: cinnamon basil, thai basil, cilantro, more chives, oregano, peppermint, spearmint, mini bell pepper, jalapeno, habanero (for Kev :-), patio tomatoes, more dianthus (white), purple stock, a tall spiky blue flower whose name I forget, purple-velvet petunias, pink portulaca, and a host of lobelia (small flowers which I have loved ever since Arthur introduced me to them last year -- they can be so intensely blue...)

They're all looking rather marvelous right now; I spent quite a while with planting them, since I took out all the soil, put in a layer of gravel for better drainage, and then refilled the pots. The mathematician who lived here before Kevin had a girlfriend who collected rocks, and she left two bags of them behind, so I've layered the pots and surrounded them with rocks -- okay, I'm no artist, but I think they look pretty sharp. They're in a more shaded/sheltered spot of the porch right now; we'll see how they do there. They may need a little more sun, so I may be moving them in a week or so.

Well, back to work. Today's laundry/clean-up day, since Kevin has another mathematician coming to visit tomorrow, and I still have to revise my syllabus before class tomorrow (which means doing a fair bit of reading in the text, so that'll take a few hours). *And* there's all that piled up e-mail, of course (at the moment, I'm neglecting Clean Shees, the SF-Focus group, and my writers' groups, never mind my friends...)

Have a good week, my dears.

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