I know, it’s been…

I know, it's been forever. The news:

  • The wedding was fabulous; she looked gorgeous; it was really nice seeing Alex, Elissa, et al again; saw the fireworks in Grant Park with the math people (a tradition! where Liss and Bryan met); only minor stress with relatives.

  • Classes are going fine; their first rough drafts are due tomorrow.

  • Jane's going to be buying some advertising with Clean Sheets, so we're probably solvent through the end of July, huzzah; plans for the fund drive proceed apace; our Sizzling Seniors bonus issue went smoothly.

  • I'm supposed to revise "The Gardener" for Callihoo, the Salt Lake sf writing group I recently joined (meets weekly, every Tues night!); also had an idea for a new story, "The Girl Who Gave Her Heart Away" as working title, but only the gods know when I'll write it since I haven't written anything new in months.

  • I'm submitting "Minal in Winter" to Glimmer Train as a sim sub; DIS*orient rejected "Interruptions" and I'm not sure where to try it next or if I should just retire it; I sold "Johnny's Story" (one of my thesis pieces) to Worldly Desires, the Erotic Readers' Association anthology.

  • Relationship with Kev a rollercoaster, as usual.
And that's all the news!

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