Mother's Day

Hmm...didn't realize it had been so many days since I'd done an entry. Lost track of time.

Nothing too exciting to report; the last few days have been fairly steady work, some reading, some revising (I hope to finish a third draft of "Bodies in Motion" today so I can send it to SFY...we'll see). I did end up working with Karen yesterday, which was nice, and then we had sushi for dinner and then I went back to the cafe and worked 'til after 10. I felt so virtuous. :-)

Today, mostly puttering. Cleaning my room, laundry, cooking, gardening -- you know how it goes. Lazy Sunday. Tonight a housewarming party at Carol and Jodi's -- they've moved to Los Gatos, which oddly enough is where Kev's family is. Or maybe it isn't that odd. I dunno.

Hm. Wish I had something more exciting to tell you...on the other hand, I'm sort of glad my life isn't as exciting (read: traumatic) as it was a week ago. Nice boring calm, that's for me.

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