Hey, so I’m back to…

Hey, so I'm back to writing journal entries at work. I wonder if the character of these entries really changes significantly if I do them in the early morning, or at work, or late at night. How about journal entries in general? Someone should do a study.

I'm starting to get excited about WisCon. WisCon is the feminist science fiction convention, and a pretty big deal. I'm going to be flying out to be a panelist, etc. there, and we're doing a joint party with Clean Sheets/Circlet Press. Plans have started up for various events at the Con (the open party will be Saturday night), and it's both exciting and a bit intimidating.

I'm supposed to be a representative 'person of color', and I'm never quite sure that I qualify. I certainly haven't suffered nearly as much discrimination as many colored folks; South Asians are still considered the 'model minority' and treated as such. I definitely feel under-read in the field (and in the field of feminist sf too, for that matter); I'm going to try to get a reading list in the next few days and hopefully I'll have time to bone up before I go.

I did read and enjoy Maureen McHugh's _The Mission Child_, as I think I mentioned here. I've reserved a copy of Nicola Griffith's _The Blue Place_ at my local library, which I need to go pick up. Still have the latest Suzy McKee Charnas and Barbara Kingsolver and Octavia Butler to find. Once I get through those, I'll feel in better shape about the recent feminist stuff.

Thanks to those of you who wrote in quickly to tell me they liked "Lakshmi's Diary". Your mail was very kind and I appreciated it 'cause I'm a big goober about new stories. There are definitely things to be worked on -- David pointed out that the voice should really age a lot more, which I knew but hadn't figure out quite how to do yet. And there are some underlayers that I need to bring out more. And I'm still not sure that it stays suspenseful enough...there's a slow-ish bit in the middle that worries me. But overall, I think it's a keeper. I should probably keep working on "Bodies in Motion" before I start revising "Lakshmi's Diary", though.

Day job is still going fine. The week is starting to fill up otherwise, though. I managed to get that CS review done, though very late, and I'm still not sure if Brian had time to put it up before he went out of town. If not, I'll probably try to do it tonight (and hopefully not mess up his beautiful new formatting too much). But I do still have eHow stuff to do -- I had hoped to finish it last night, but I ended up talking to Roshani and David for quite a while instead (mostly Roshani). Good conversations -- I needed to do it, I think -- but I'm definitely behind now. Really, I have been for a while. Partly there have been various computer glitches, but mostly it's just been me having a hard time motivating.

Tonight, dinner with Jed. Tomorrow, dinner with David (and probably some work). Friday, Ian's having some friends over for gaming, and I may hang out with them for a while. Saturday brunch with the roommates; we're going to sit down and discuss house security issues. Ick. Will probably work Saturday afternoon and read in the evening. Might go up to Berkeley to work if Karen's available (and wants to actually work instead of helping me gossip and chatter :-). May head down to the South Bay Saturday night -- there's a late afternoon party there Sunday. May head down Sunday, which would probably be more efficient, in which case I might stay down there afterwards and then come directly to work Monday. I know y'all don't really care about all this, but it helps me put my thoughts in order to type them out.

Sometime this weekend, I should devote 3-4 hrs to Clean Sheets stuff. Put out calls for new editors 'cause we lost a couple to bad luck. Talk to Jane about merger. Look into incorporating, dang it. Find out how much it would cost to do up CS products (I think we'd make a profit, but it makes me nervous sinking money into things) for a fund drive. Do the newsletter. Write encouraging notes to people. Answer backlogged e-mail.

Classes. Mustn't forget classes entirely.

Okay, I'm going to go be overwhelmed again now. Funny how I start these journals light-hearted and cheerful and by the time I get to the end of my to-do list, I'm overwhelmed. Maybe I should stop making to-do lists.

I'm still pretty darn happy today, though. Maybe it's the weather. Or the yummy fresh mozzarella and sun-dried tomato and pesto and lettuce sandwich I just ate (from Pasqua). Or maybe it's that I took half an hour and read from _The Wind in the Willows_ on my lunch break. What a marvelous book...I've never really read it before. I must have read some very small child version when I was a very small child and *thought* I'd read it. But I certainly haven't read all this before.

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