stayed up late last…

stayed up late last night talking, etc. and then slept in 'til 11; woke up and puttered on the 'puter for a bit, answering old mail and updating bits of the web pages such as the bio until I got impatient for K to wake up, so went and woke him around noon, though as it turned out he was almost awake and we chatted a bit (and I am just as googly this morning as I was last night when it was very late so he was wrong about that when he said I'd come to my senses in the morning) and then I made pancakes (though I'd meant to make biscuits with sauteed onions and jalapeno jack mixed in, but than I realized he didn't have any butter, which he *had* warned me of last night, so I had no choice but to make rather odd pancakes) and a fried egg, which didn't come out nearly as neat as it ought to have, I don't know why, and he showered and then made a mess of broccoli and pasta and lemon and pepper which was pretty yummy but not what I'd felt like which is why I made the pancakes (there's still a huge one left) and then I started poking at the programming gunk and he started scribbling math stuff in front of the tv (there's a basketball game on, which is good background to working he says; I prefer listening to jazz, which is what I'm doing now) and then I got tired of working so I made tea and reread bits of Charing Cross Road again until he started dropping hints about how the computer was still logged on and no, he wasn't using it, and wasn't I planning to work until five when the new Star Trek came on, and finally I felt guilty enough that I got up and came back to the computer, so now I have to finish this entry and go do the exercises for chapter 8 in the C++ book which look really evil (but I must say it was a triumph getting my leap year program to work this morning with only a little help from K; I sat there plugging years into it for a while and watching it give me the right answer and chortling while K laughed at me for being so pleased with my little program (but kindly)) so wish me luck, my darlings...(I know that this kind of domesticity would bore me to tears if my life was entirely like this, but for a day or two it's just blissful).

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