Christ, is it March…

Christ, is it March already?

Well, the most interesting thing I'm doing right now is having a rather heated discussion over at mouthorgan. I'm not sure I can summarize what it's about -- we touch on public sex, pushing boundaries, hurting yourself, suicide, setting records, sex parties, sex as spectacle...oof. Best just go read it if interested, though I recommend you read the relevant column first (and that'll make you read three other things first -- this gets complicated).

The saddest thing for me right now is that Karina left yesterday. Meep. Back to Australia, and I won't see her again 'til August at the very earliest. Dammit, I want teleportation and I want it now. Or at least transporter technology. I'd settle for that, if it were cheap. We did find out that I'm paying way too much for international long-distance -- she pays 27 cents/minutes, Australian. I pay $2/minute, U.S. This must change.

The most exciting thing for me -- well, that's probably the fact that I'm going to Utah in a few hours. Yippee! I'll be there for just the weekend, flying in early Monday morning and going directly to work again. But I swear I'll actually get some sleep Sunday night. I doubt Kev will let me stay up all night again anyway, considering last time.

A close runner-up on most exciting is the new Clean Sheets chat room! Go to CS and click on Chat in the upper navbar! If you've got a reasonably fast modem (faster than the one I have at home), you'll get to hang out and chat with all the other sex-positive folks. We'll hopefully do regularly scheduled chats soon; in the interim, I'll be there off and on this weekend (probably mostly in the morning) and on weekdays around lunchtime, California. Maybe I'll run into you there. Would be fun!

Most satisfying was probably finishing another Anita Blake (protagonist, not author) necromancer novel last night. I'm popping these like candy. They're utterly addictive, and so impossible to put down that I'd rather read them than talk to people. There's only two left that I haven't read (this is the series by Laura K. Hamilton), and I'm planning on reading one on the plane tonight. Good stuff.

Most frustrating were all the hours I spent waiting in BART stations, due to miscommunications, due to missing buses, due to other people missing buses, due to buses not showing up at all...argh. Let's not even go there. After the first time it happened I realized this was a bad public transit week and made sure to carry a book at all times. That helped. David rescued me from a BART station last night, after I missed an earlier shuttle which made me miss the last bus home. I was freezing and exhausted. Every once in a while, I admit, I really wish I had a car.

Most fun this week was probably the poetry slam Tuesday night. Heather and I took third place and $10 with that two-voice poem, and we probably would have done even better if two of the best slam poets ever hadn't decided to both perform that night. They *both* got perfect scores. Oof. But we did quite respectably, and I'm all excited about slam poetry again. Witness that poem I posted yesterday, which I wrote a few hours before the slam, and a couple other short pieces I wrote after dinner, just before the slam, and a longer dance-focused poem I'm still working on, that I wrote the next morning, while still thinking about the slams. I should go to these more regularly, if only because they get me excited about poetry again, and get me writing.

And most tired this week is me. :-) Tomorrow I'm sleeping in!

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