I know, I know — Clean…

I know, I know -- Clean Sheets isn't up yet. I'm sorry! I puttered around for a long time yesterday evening 'cause I was vaguely depressed; wrote that sonnet around 10, and then settled down, really and truly intending to put it up -- and then I started writing a story. Typed straight through until 1 a.m. when I had to stop 'cause my fingers were hurting a lot. Fell into bed. So now I have an unfinished story, CS to put up soon, and another story to revise (sf, for the writing group) that I'm not very happy with. Not to mention a few nasty job-hunting phone calls to make and more looking to do. I pledged myself that I would look through at least 50 jobs on DICE every day until I had a job.

I *think* what I'm going to do is take a shower, drink my tea, make my phone calls, then put all the other work on the laptop and go away to a cafe until I finish things. There are way too many distractions at home. Plan to be home by 3 or so, put up CS, do my job hunting, watch the other movie I rented this evening (Deep Impact). That sounds manageable, yes? Okay. No panicking.

6:00 p.m. Okay, so it's now 6, and I've gotten up the fiction, how-to and music review for Clean Sheets. I've also finished the first draft of that story I wrote last night. I'm starving. I had a salad and sandwich with Karen at World Ground this afternoon (and we talked writing some, yeah!), but I need something more substantial. I'm going to go make curry, I think. Then I'm going to watch _Deep Impact_. Then I'm going to write the book review for this week and put it up. And then maybe I'll write an editorial. Yes, I know there's no poetry yet. We're waiting on permissions. Hopefully soon. And yes, I know there's been no new art in forever. We're waiting on our art editor getting her computer fixed after it drowned. Hopefully soon. I'm probably going to call her next week if I don't hear from her.

I also need to revise both the new story, "The Interview", and the one from last week, "The Gardener" (sentient tree creatures, sf. Ents in space.) I was going to send them out to the readers list, but decided to do at least one more revision first. Soon, I promise. Soon for everything.

I have an interview with a recruiter tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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