Hey, m’darlings. Well,…

Hey, m'darlings. Well, not so much to report in Mary Anne-land. The tech writing project has been delayed (again) 'til Monday -- good thing Kevin can afford to feed me. Been working mostly on Clean Sheets stuff and going through backlogged e-mail -- also reading. Spent a while in a bookstore yesterday -- read the new hardcover Pratchett (there are several authors that I read in hardcover in bookstores and then buy the paperback of -- I'm cheap, and I don't like owning hardcovers), _Hogfather_, which was much fun, as usual. Also bought three books -- a Sean Stewart, _The Night Watch_ (I met him at World Fantasy, did I mention? He read from his new hardcover, _Mockingbird_, in a totally sexy Texan accent (he was raised in Texas and Canada, alternating (winters in Canada, summers in Texas, oof)) and Jed and I ended up joining him for dinner. I resisted developing a pathetic crush on him, but with effort. I *do* plan to read all of his books), an anthology called _Off Limits: Tales of Alien Sex_ (I didn't like the earlier one, _Alien Sex_, but perhaps this will be better), and _Sirens and Other Daemon Lovers_, which has lots of authors I like (erotic fantasy).

I enjoyed the first story, by Storm Constantine, and am looking forward to the next one, by Delia Sherman (she's the partner of Ellen Kushner, who is the cousin of my friend from college, James Kushner. I met Delia and Ellen years ago at PhilCon, and they remembered me! They even asked me what ever happened to that Indian fantasy novel I was writing. Meep. I've loved Ellen's novel _Swordspoint_ for years, and she and Delia are currently collaborating on another novel in that same world. Delia's also written a novel of her own, _The Porcelain Dove_, which I bought from her and have at home. Plan to read it when I get back). Okay, that's probably enough book talk for the moment.

I'm very excited that we'll be getting occasional columns from David Steinberg for Clean Sheets. He's an excellent writer, and you can check out his work where it's archived at the Society for Human Sexuality home page. He writes a column called "Comes Naturally", which is intelligent, interesting, thorough, and often witty. We'll be running his Lolita review in the last week of November.

Doing a lot of cooking too -- last night made a cauliflower/zucchini dish, which was fine, if not exciting, and a sesame green bean dish which was pretty dang yummy. We have lots of the beans left, so tonight I'll be combining it with curried tomatoes and rice. The dishes are originally from the Madhur Jaffrey _World of the East: Vegetarian Cooking_ book; I'd reproduce them here, but pretty much the only change I made was to halve the salt (Kevin *really* is not fond of salt) and double the pepper. I probably could have increased the pepper more, actually -- the beans hardly had any bite at all. David, you might like this book. Indian and Chinese and Japenese and Thai, mostly.

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