Hey, my dears. Feeling…

Hey, my dears. Feeling better emotionally this morning, though worse physically; I seem to be coming down with something. Must buy juice.

Had the kick-off meeting for the tech writing project yesterday; very exciting, if a bit intimidating. It's a good thing Sarah (project manager) is going to hold our hands through the beginning of this, as I'm not sure I know what I'm doing. But it's so nice to be employed again; the next big question is whether I can really discipline myself to work eight hours a day at home, with all those lovely distractions, like e-mail. Maybe I'll start going to the cafe again.

Had some exciting news from Kirstin yesterday; lots of artists interested in working with Clean Sheets, huzzah! I thought we'd only have one featured artist a month in the gallery, but it looks like more; I'm very glad that seems to be working out. We're exchanging space and exposure for art, which seems to be a good deal for all concerned, so I'm happy on that.

The reading last night went well enough -- my only disappointment is that most of the other readers, whose work I like very much on the page, didn't project enough, or modulate their tones enough, to give their stories the animation and verve they deserved. Of course, many haven't read publically before, so it's not surprising. Still, it tempts me to offer classes, or find someone who does, and recommend them to hir. It *was* well-attended; the Barnes & Noble people had to bring out more chairs, and there were still a few people standing in the back, so that's quite nice. I read "A Jewel of a Woman" (this was from _Sex Toy Tales_), and it went over pretty well, I think (though if I hadn't been first, perhaps the audience would have been more warmed up and would have laughed more :-) First is a difficult placement.)

Okay, I should probably start working at my new JOB :-). Talk to y'all later...have a lovely day.

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