I’m in a foul mood this…

I'm in a foul mood this morning, so pardon me if I seem crotchety. Lots of deadlines, lots of things weighing down on me, feeling like I haven't gotten enough done, people getting on my nerves. I've been cranky with everyone all morning. Good thing I haven't had any business calls.

There have been positive things that I should be able to write about. New writing group formed yesterday, with some people I really like, and I'm looking forward to that. We're going to try meeting twice monthly and see how it goes.

Dammit. I wish I had some physical labor that needed doing; I could use pounding something (other than my poor keyboard).

Okay, clearly if I keep writing here, I'll just rant and vent. I'm going to go bang my head against a wall and try to feel constructive. I'll come talk to y'all again if I get into a more civilized mood.

11:20. Wrote a sonnet. Rhyme went okay, but somehow the rhythm refused iambic pentameter. I tried.

Carelessness Will Catch You

So tell me, love, if I had known how rare
was that conjunction, the words so sweet that we
exchanged, that gentle touch, if I could see
then what I see now, would I have paused there,
made a greater effort, taken greater care?
That you should love us both, cherish him and me,
and those feelings be returned, if I, if we
had known, the value of what we shared?
In winters cold and gone, he touched you, so;
you sighed, and I was warmed. Above you, smiled
and urged him on, your joy enough for all.
And now, now that you are gone away, though
all his warmth is mine, I stare at walls, while
away the hours. Long summer drifts to fall.

8:30. Well, I've been somewhat productive, so I feel a bit better. A couple more pages on a story, the poem above, some work on FrameMaker, started setting up Kev's computer (he's loaning me his IBM laptop 'cause I'll need it for this tech writing gig. Isn't he a nice guy?), etc. Still tons to do, of course, but it's hard to be grumpy when people are being nice to you, offering hugs long-distance and shoulders to mope on. The big surprise was when El showed up with a gorgeous arrangement of flowers in her arms -- for me! I, somewhat bewildered, asked why, and she said it was 'cause I hadn't gotten any flowers this week... Uh huh. I think I've been cranky, that's what it is. Of course, I have been casting pitiful gazes at her roses -- Ian and El have been deluging each other in flowers lately, and while it's certainly nice having so many lovely flowers around the house, it's been a bit envy-making. David gives flowers erratically, and Kev has a firm policy against flowers...which is a whole long story that would take too long to explain. We'll forgive him, since he loans me computers...

Anyway, back to work. Just wanted to report in that I was feeling slightly less grumpy.

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